On behalf of KIET, we would like to thank you for visiting the Careers page.
We would like to welcome to see our website and introduce KIET to you. KIET is a vibrant campus with inspired students, exceptional academic programs, excellence in teaching and leadership, and dedicated faculty & staff.
We would like to share what sets us apart from other Institutes and what its like to work here.
KIET is committed to being the best engineering Institute and consistently maintaining the top position in Uttar Pradesh. We would not have achieved this without our faculty & staff dedication to their work. Our culture consists of relentless change and desire to improve. We are forever dissatisfied with status quo and are always looking for a better way to do things, not so much out of competitiveness, but out of a desire to simply be THE BEST.
KIET truly values its people, wants them to love their jobs, and to build their careers here. It is a place where you can feel peoples strong commitment to the Institute. It is a place where people work very hard, aspires to do their best work, and seek opportunity for advancement and professional growth. They are not mere an employee of the Institute rather ENTREPRENEUR.
We would like to share that KIET has 80 Ph.Ds and 119 PGs and 112 pursuing Ph.Ds from Institutes of repute out of the total faculty team members. They have published 100+ technical papers in reputed Journals or presented in Conferences (National/International) in last year. KIET is uniquely positioned in comparison to its peer institutions. It has institutionalised processes, policies and support nurturing growth of faculty and staff.
KIET believes in investing in the development of our faculty & staffs skills and knowledge. For this reason, KIET fosters a learning environment and provides ongoing training and mentoring for faculty and staff to help them continue to excel in their current and future roles within the Institute. These development programs include FDPs, seminars, conferences, research/summer schools conducted by reputed Institutes like IITs, internal behavioural and technical training programs etc. This gets navigated to the students which convert the entire campus to VIBRANT KIET CAMPUS.
KIET Group of Institutions is shaping young minds with skill oriented and value based education and building future leaders of India.
With Best Wishes HR Team.