Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Department, established in the year 2009, with ISO 9001:2008 Quality management System in place. The department provides four year B.Tech program in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and the first batch of students graduated from the department in the year 2013. Sixty students are admitted each year into the Bachelors Program. Today’s Industrial Automation systems are being built based on the latest advances in Electronics, Information, Communication, and Networking technologies apart from sensor and control technologies. It is highly industry-oriented because instrumentation and control forms the life line of any industry. Electronics coupled with computers are a must for every sophisticated and complicated industrial process. Modern power plants - Thermal / Nuclear / steel / chemical / fertilizer/ cement/ heavy engineering plants, petrochemicals / Oil refineries/ Textile/ Poker/ Point/ Automobile industry are the major beneficiaries of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. Microprocessor-based instrumentation & Control systems in recorders and controllers are in vogue. The objectives of the department have been to make the students proficient in these technologies in general and towards the deployment these technologies in building Industrial Automation Systems. This program combines the academic and motor skills necessary to carve out a career in the field of measurement, electronics and understanding of complex processes.