Welcome to SOFT SKILL WING Department
"A truly tested program to enhance the employability of students in their respective fields"

The department was conceptualized in Oct’12 with a view to enhance the employability of students so that they are able to adjust better to the corporate atmosphere. The department works in tandem with the Mission of the institute, which is to inculcate right human values and professional ethics by developing well-rounded individuals apt for industry.
In the last few decades in India, there has been mushrooming of demand for well rounded employees-people who are not only technically savvy, but also have complementary soft-skills .This spurt in demand is essentially due to arise of new foreign-based multi-national corporations setting up shop in India.
Employability skills are transferable core skill groups that represent essential functional and enabling knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by the 21st century workplace. They are necessary for career success at all levels of employment and for all levels of education. 
So, the question is – “What are Soft Skills?”
Soft Skills are personal attributes that describe an individual’s ability to interact with others. Soft Skills have been named variously in different parts of the world as people skills, world skills, or life skills, and complement the hard (technical) skills to enhance an individual’s relationships, job performance and career prospects. It is often associated with a person’s EQ – emotional intelligence quotient. Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know, so they are not taught in any school, and are a definite part of one’s personality.
Course Structure/Components of Soft Skills Attitude & Motivation
Business Communication Skills –Oral & Written
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Teamwork & Teambuilding
Time Management
Negotiation Skills
Stress Management
Interpersonal Skills