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Brief Bio

Dr. K.R. Chaturvedi obtained his MBA from Pune University, LL.B. from Utkal University and Ph.D from IIT, Kharagpur in the area of organizational behaviour (leadership). He carries with him 16 years of administrative experience at various capacities. He is in teaching for the last 16 years and attached with well reputed Institutes. He has published 14 research papers in reputed International/National journals and several papers in conferences. He has been convener of Research Doctoral Committee of , MTU Noida and also a member of Board of studies of Management. He has guided on Ph.D scholar of Utrakhand Technical University and guiding six Ph.D scholar of different University like UPTU Lucknow, UTU Dehradu, Indian School of Mine Dhanbad. He has chaired more than five National and International conference as theme speaker in India. He has conducted executive development pragramme as lead trainer in some of the organization like IREDA New Delhi, GAIL Jaipur etc. He has organized more than 10 Workshop/Conference/Seminar at National level.


(1) Member of Board of Studies of Mahamaya Technical University, NOIDA (now UPTU).
(2) Member of Board of Knowledge Management of Mahamaya Technical University, NOIDA (now UPTU).
(3) Convener, Research Doctoral Committee of Mahamaya Technical University, NOIDA (now UPTU).


Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Course Taught

Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Legal & Regulatory frame work, Industrial Relations, Labour Law, Team Building & Leadership, Communication, Leadership Effectiveness


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(6)Emotional Intelligence & Leadership in Indian IT industry: An empirical study. Accepted for publication in SAARANSH-RKG journal of Management, Vol. 3 (1) 66-70 (2011).
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(13)The relationship between emotional intelligence and household stress submitted to globle business review, IMI New Delhi.


(1) Organised FDP on 'Human Value' on 30 May 2010 at KIET in Dept. of Management Studies sponsored by UPTU.
(2) Organized and AICTE Sponsored National Conference on Ethics in Business: in the era cut throat competition in KIET, Dept. of Management Studies on 17 Sept. 2011.
(3) Organized an AICTE sponsored National conference on 'Rural Opportunity in India' on 18 August 2012 in KIET, Dept. of Management Studies.
(4) Organised Workshop on 'Consumer Protection and Consumer Welfare in India" Sponsored by Ministry of Consumer affair Govt. of India held on 15-16 Feb 2013.
(5) Organised Workshop on 'Consumer Protection and Consumer Empowerment in India' sponsored by Ministry of Consumer Affair Govt. of India held on 28 Feb-1Mar 2014.
(6) Organised FDP on the topic 'Employability Skills' at KIET in Dept. of Management Studies sponsored by AICTE conducted by TCS (TATA consultancy services) on 9 Dec 2013.

(1) Changing expectations from tomorrow's managers: An HR perspective, IPEM, Ghaziabad 24 Jan 2004.
(2) Emerging challenges in HRM: Looking at the work place of today & tommow 9 Dec 2006 AIMT Gr. NOIDA.
(3) HR professionals in global village: challenges & opportunities 14 Dec 2006 BIT NOIDA extension centre.
(4) Integration of Human Values in Technical Education at UPTU NOIDa centre on 17 Nov 2008.
(5) HR reloaded at BLSIM, Ghaziabad on 28th Mar 2009.
(6) Amity Conference on Management course ACME - 2012 organised by Amity Business School on 2 Nov 2012.